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Czech glass has an international reputation and is synonymous with quality and tradition. Wine glasses, crystal jewelry, decorative chandeliers or original work by contemporary artists can be great gifts. We invite you to visit five glass factories, where the most beautiful glass products are produced. You can buy Bohemian glass at

When we say «Czech glass», Jablonec nad Nisou immediately comes to mind. The town near Liberec is famous for the production of glass and jewelry. That is why the only museum of glass and jewelry in the Czech Republic is located in Jabloneck. The local glass and jewelry museum was founded in 1904. Today in Jabloneck you can still find companies that adhere to the tradition of glass production. An example is Preciosa, a Czech manufacturer of crystal, unique chandeliers and jewelry. G&B beads continues the tradition of producing original jewelry pearls and glass components.

Novy Bor: a leading manufacturer of household glass

Novy Bor is located in the north of the Czech Republic near the town of Ceska Lipa. The local company Crystalex produces household glass. It is the largest domestic and leading global manufacturer of glass for beverages. Newbork glassware can be purchased in 60 countries around the world. The fact that Novy Bor is a city of glass is evidenced by the presence of several schools of glass here. In Novy Bor, you can also visit the special restaurant Ajeto, which is associated with a glass workshop. The unique restaurant was designed by the world renowned Czech artist and architect Borjek Sipek.

Nizbor: a family-run glass factory with tradition

In Central Bohemia, near Beroun, in the municipality of Nijbor, there is the Rückl glassworks, founded in 1903 by Antoni Rückel, a member of an old family of glaziers with roots in the 17th century. The steel mill soon became famous throughout Europe and had offices in several countries. Currently, hand-cut crystal is produced here and has received a number of various state awards (for example, the insignia of Queen Elizabeth II or John Paul II). We invite you to see the entire production process, from the steel mill to the grinding shop.

Svetla nad Sazavou: the most modern glass factory in Europe

Svetla nad Sazavou is a small town in Vysočina, on the border of the Czech Republic and Moravia. Local glassmaking traditions disappeared after 100 years, in 2008. However, four years later, Bomma was founded here, focused on modern trends and the best designers. The best Czech and foreign designers create for Bomma. The glass created here can be found aboard the largest ship in the world and in the trophy collection of the King of Tennis Novak Djokovic. The company gradually developed several special glass machines for its production, making it the most modern glassworks in Europe. Bomma proudly declares that their crystal, thanks to modern technology, is the purest in the country.

Karlovy Vary: glass factory that supplied glass for the emperor

The Moser Glassworks in West Bohemia specializes exclusively in the handcrafted production of lead-free crystal. The glass factory was founded in 1857 in the world famous spa town of Karlovy Vary, and 20 years later supplied glass for the Austrian emperor Franz Joseph I, and then for the Persian shah Mozaffar ad-Din and the English king Edward VII. Moser’s crystal works, thanks to their exceptional beauty and superior quality, have become a symbol of recognition and reward for outstanding personalities from all over the world. The glassworks has four brand stores in the Czech Republic (two in Prague and two in Karlovy Vary), but the chain of stores can be found all over the world. During your visit to Karlovy Vary, you cannot miss the Moser Glassworks Museum, where you will learn the interesting 160-year history of the Moser glassworks and crystal.